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We are sponsors and supporters of S.C.B.C. and we wish to be able to contribute in every way with our brothers in South Sudan and help the President of the Nation with our Medical, Educational, Humanitarian and Social Organizations.

The Cassinense Benedictine Congregation and the Order of Saint Benedict of the United States of America is an autonomous Order in total obedience to our Holy Archbishop Joseph Ma Yinglin of the Catholic Church of China, a Church legitimately recognized by Rome and all other Churches. We have fraternal communion with the Holy Assyrian Catholic Church of the East, a Primitive Church born in the city of our Holy Patriarch Abraham, a Church that brought Christianity to China. We never participated in any CISMA, we kept our Apostolic succession valid to this day. Our Headquarters are in the Republic of China, we live in the mold of the Early Church, and we are acknowledged guardians of the ancient scriptures of the early Christians. We are recognized by His Holiness the Pope of Rome and by all other legitimately Canonical Churches. We are members of the Community of Jesus, a Benedictine community affiliated with the American Benedictine Academy

Our Abbot Eparca + Dom Roberto Cohen OSB is the representative of our Congregation in various parts of the world.

We are members of the Society of Saint John Chrysostom - Eastern Region is an ecumenical organization of lay people and clergy from the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Roman Catholic Church.

We work to spread the history, worship, spirituality, discipline and theology of Eastern Christianity, and for the fullness of the unity desired by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We invite you to visit our website The Society of St. John Chrysostom promotes a greater appreciation of the spiritual, theological and liturgical traditions of Eastern Christianity, works and prays for the unity of the Churches of East and West, and encourages support for the Eastern Churches: the Byzantine and Eastern Catholic Churches in communion with the Apostolic See of Rome.

The Cassinense Benedictine Congregation is a union of monastic orders that, despite this, maintained their internal autonomy, according to the Canon of the Chinese Holy Roman Catholic Church. We have full freedom to open parishes, chapels, missions and evangelization works all over the world. Our Abbot Eparca Dom Roberto Cohen invites everyone without distinction to live together the faith of the Apostles and restore the ardor of the Early Church, in which all were one in the Lord.
We both recognize the legitimacy and correctness of these expressions of the same faith and we both respect the preference of each Church in its liturgical life and piety.

Each of the different Benedictine congregations enjoys the same autonomy, the same right to self-government as a religious order. Each of the "branches" of the Benedictine family tree is therefore autonomous and self-sufficient. Each congregation respects the others; but each represents a different facet of the multifaceted gem that is Benedictine monasticism. For example, the abbeys of the Congregation Benedictine Cassinense usually run secondary schools, hospitals, social services. Benedictines, therefore, tend to emphasize the importance of Humanitarian Pastorals. Especially important for all Benedictines is the emphasis found in each monastery on the commonly celebrated liturgy, Lectio divina (contemplative and prayerful reading of the Scriptures), and hospitality.

Sudan and South Sudan Catholic Bishops´ Conference

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