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There are so many marketing blogs available on the internet that it becomes virtually impossible to keep track of them all. When you are reading a marketing blog, would you rather hear from someone who actually knows what he or she is talking about or someone just rehashing information that they may have heard elsewhere? This means it is a great idea to read personal marketing blogs written by entrepreneurs, individuals that have real life experience that you can use. The people listed here are not just observers or analysts; they are individuals who use successful marketing campaigns for their own business.


Noah Kagan

It is true that updates may be sporadic on this blog, but when Kagan does update his blog you are sure to find some great information here. He was not only the marketing director for but also product manager for Facebook. It is safe to say that Kagan knows what it takes for a company to be successful.


Gabriel Weinberg

personal blog

Again not every post may be about marketing, but when he does discuss marketing, it truly is one of most comprehensive and detailed blogs about marketing you can find online. Aside from writing, he also holds video interviews with other entrepreneurs who have been successful in the past.


Michael Fox

Perhaps the most transparent and open blog you can ever come across. With over 1.5 million hits in a few short months, the website Shoes of Prey, co-founded by Fox is becoming quite successful. He reveals conversion rates, marketing campaigns, metrics, and traffic. Not only that, he also shares what went right and where improvements could have been made. This makes it a very interesting blog to read for fellow entrepreneurs.


Ilya Lichtenstein blog

This blog deals with some of the most important aspects of marketing for any entrepreneur: how do I turn my limited resources into good amounts of traffic. It publishes very detailed posts about marketing strategies that have been successful in the fast, backed up by knowledge from other marketers, personal experience, and data.


Dharmesh Shah

Granted, this blog may be more beneficial for entrepreneurs than those heavily involved in marketing. However, when it comes to understanding a startup, there is no other blog that discusses this better than Shah’s. If you want to learn more about one of the hottest software companies in the world, this is the place to be.

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